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Finance & Insurance Convention a Success for BURKE Client

BURKE assisted Capital Companies at the 2015 National Auto Dealership Association Convention, this January. In preparation for the show BURKE designed three (3) new websites, a booth layout, four (4) pull up banners, and produced an informational video. In anticipation of the new Capital-Companies’ online users, BURKE designed a fresh and user-friendly web experience to reflect Capital’s commitment to customer service and accessibility.  To support the new platform, BURKE created two new sites: Capital-BenefitGroup.com and Capital-Automotive.com to complement the first’s design.   These additional sites clearly defined the products & services offered by each division.  “The show was a complete success as it provided us a unique opportunity to develop leads and meet potential customers We’re excited to have a unified and effective message throughout our signage, new websites and video,” said Zach Hughes, President of Capital Companies. To draw attention, vibrant informational banners were placed around Capital’s booth. The combination of furniture, and a custom video captured the attention of the convention’s visitors. Situated as a focal point in the booth, the animated video describes all Capital-Companies’ services, from Finance and Insurance, to asset protection products like DataDot Technology. You may view the video on their homepage: www.capital-companies.com. The NADA Convention & Expo is the automotive industry event of the year and the world's largest international gathering place for franchised new-vehicle dealers. The convention offers dealers a rare chance to meet face-to-face with executives of major auto manufacturers and features hundreds of exhibitors showcasing the latest equipment, services and technologies and dozens of workshops with the industry's best trainers. The 2015 NADA Convention & Expo will take place Thursday, Jan. 22 through Sunday, Jan. 25, 2015 in the Moscone Center in San Francisco, CA. About Capital-Companies Capital-Companies offers the highest-quality Finance, Security, and Insurance products in the industry and backs them up with the finest quality administration, underwriting and claims. Here, we provide more than just products and services; we focus on building and maintaining long lasting customer relationships. Our company is comprised of: Capital Automotive, DataDot Dealer Services, and Capital Benefit Group. To learn more about how to qualify your dealership visit us at www.capital-companies.com or call us at (704) 554-9422.


Responsive Websites are a Business Imperative

Mobile device usage continues to rise, as commuters no longer rush home to access the internet from a desktop computer, because they can access your business information directly from their phone or tablet. So, what does that mean for responsive mobile websites? An astronomic number of people choose to access the internet from these much smaller screens, so websites must adjust in order to accommodate a different user experience. The two prominent methods of creating mobile websites are mobile templates and responsive design. Choosing a responsive design means you only need one website. This website is specially coded by experienced designers to adapt to all screen sizes, regardless of the device in use. Mobile templates, however, are a completely different entity requiring you have a second (mobile only) website or domain. Responsive design continues to be the most popular method of mobile website design because the user experience is far superior to that of traditional websites and mobile templates. A better user experience means your visitor is far more likely to buy your product or use your service instead of a competitor who has a mediocre mobile website. Over half of social media consumption occurs on mobile devices. So, if your inbound marketing techniques include social media or blogging, then a responsive mobile site is even more essential. If your shared content links to your outdated website, you will experience extremely high bounce rates, and irritated customers. Responsive websites are preferred for search engine optimization, are much faster than traditional websites, and are easily adaptable for future innovations. So, regardless of your industry, size, or income, a responsive design is more crucial than it has ever been before. BURKE’s industry experts recently completed mobile sites for three clients : Corner Pub Estancia At Wiregrass Century Contractors


ABH’s Toys for Tots Golf Tournament Receives Communitas Award for Community Partnership

A Big Heart Foundation, Inc., A 501(c)(3) organization will accept the 2014 Communitas Award for Community Partnership. Founded in 2008, the Toys for Tots (T4T) Golf Tournament supports children’s charitable endeavors in Charlotte, including The Arby’s Foundation, Servants with a Heart, Classroom Central, Hope Haven, Inc., and the Marine Corps Toys for Tots Foundation.“On behalf of all of the participants of this year’s tournament, I would like to express my gratitude to the AMCP for awarding the 7th Annual T4T Golf Tournament with the Communitas Award for Community Partnership,” said Jack Burke, Founder of A Big Heart Foundation and the T4T Golf Tournament. Communitas Awards are an international effort to recognize the spirit of communitas—people helping people. They recognize exceptional businesses, organizations and individuals for excellence in community service and corporate social responsibility. Winners unselfishly give of themselves and their resources, and are changing the way they do business to benefit their communities. Since its inception, the T4T Tournament has donated over $160,000. The Toys for Tots program’s mission, to deliver a message of hope to less fortunate children at Christmas, is reflected in the spirit of each of the tournament’s sponsors, players and volunteers. With the simple gift of a new toy, supporters are contributing to the creation of better communities made of responsible, productive, and patriotic citizens. On Friday December 5, 2014, ABH volunteers will meet at Toys and Co. in Cotswold Village for the “A Big Heart Foundation Toys 4 Tots Shopping Event.” Proceeds from the 7th Annual T4T Golf Tournament will be used to purchase toys for local families. To find out how to participate in next year’s 8th Annual T4T Golf Tournament, visit ABH’s website: www.abigheartfoundation.org About Communitas Awards The Communitas Awards is an outgrowth of the pro bono recognition program of the Association of Marketing and Communication Professionals (AMCP). Founded in 1995, AMCP fosters and supports the efforts of its members who contribute their unique marketing and communication talents to public service and charitable organizations. Over the past few years, AMCP has given over $100,000 to help create marketing materials for homeless shelters, orphanages, day camps, community theaters and art centers; and for educational endeavors for children, the elderly and underprivileged. About A Big Heart Foundation A Big Heart Foundation, Inc. was founded in Spring 2010 by Jack Burke, President and CEO of BURKE, as a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization. The Foundation supports children’s charitable endeavors in the Charlotte metropolitan area. Every year the organization has supported the official Charlotte (T4T) Toys for Tots Golf Tournament presented by BURKE. Please call 704-377-2600, e-mail info@ToysForTotsGolf.org, or visit www.abigheartfoundation.org for more information.


BURKE Clears the Air for International Odor Removal Company

The excitement buzzing around BURKE is in response to the overwhelming success of client, BIOSWEEP. The odor removal company specializes in a BASE TREATMENT and SURFACE DEFENSE TREATMENT that completely eliminates and prevents foul odors from sources including cigarette smoke, mold, mildew, pets, and cooking. The outstanding service is offered across the United States and in many international locations. “Burke completely reworked our BIOSWEEP website and overall marketing image to correspond with our great service! More importantly, they walked us through the complex marketing and website development process so we understood how everything fits together, like PPC, E-blasts, and mobile devices” said Mark Brodowicz, BIOSWEEP’s Co-Founder and Managing Partner. This year has been packed with campaign projects, copywriting, and extensive research to culminate with BIOSWEEP’s client and franchise numbers exploding! “We are so excited to see that our hard work is paying off in a big way! Working with a company; designing their brand, website, and online promotion materials from scratch is where our creative and account teams really excel” said Lyndsey Kraynock, Project Manager and Account Executive at BURKE. BURKE began BIOSWEEP’s overhaul online. The Charlotte agency revamped the BIOSWEEP website to include stunning images and optimized content, to improve success in organic searches. 2014’s campaign included BIOSWEEP’s first steps into the social networking arena. Profiles launched on mediums like Facebook and LinkedIn are seeing success thanks to BURKE’s management and protocol for optimizing each social channel. Followers can stay up-to-date with BIOSWEEP’s newest franchises and learn more information about Phocatox Technology. To launch BIOSWEEP’s pay-per-click campaign, BURKE designed custom landing pages and conducted thorough keyword research. The success of each individual campaign has been astounding, allowing for an increase in franchise business across the US. About BIOSWEEP BIOSWEEP® offers innovative SOLUTIONS for eliminating embedded odors, airborne pollutants and surface contaminants within any indoor environment. BIOSWEEP safely and permanently eliminates all malodors including animal urine, cigarette, curry, fire, mold / mildew and other difficult odors. Our network of franchise experts, who specialize in removing cooking odors, animal urine odors, cigarette smoke odors, and other foul smells, expands across the globe, including the US and Canada. For more information, visit www.biosweep.com


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